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The Founder
Francesca Rose

The  Mission

Welcome to DesignSlang, where we partner with companies of all sizes to create a bold and original visual identity that captivates their target market! Our mission is to deliver the most effective and meaningful visual solutions, from ideation to execution.

DesignSlang specializes in developing fresh and distinctive visual identities for businesses across various industries, with a particular focus on innovative rebranding. We prioritize developing a tailored visual language that accurately represents each client's corporate identity, collaborating closely with them to understand their unique needs and motivations.

DesignSlang embodies a design philosophy that is not only highly professional and of exceptional quality but also empowers businesses of all sizes to establish a distinctive visual language. We believe that a successful visual identity should embody the personality and lingo of the company.

At DesignSlang, we are dedicated to supporting businesses in achieving their objectives and realizing their vision. Let us collaborate to craft your visual identity and drive your brand to success!



Tel.:  +49 171 75 85 665 

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